Patented Single Pass Tangential Flow Filtration (SPTFF) technology enables continuous concentration of the product. The Cadence Inline Concentrator eliminates the requirement for re-circulation typically required for TFF, reducing shear damage and processing time for the processing step and improving quality.

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Features and benefits


Increase capacity and reduce costs

Cadence Inline Concentrator modules can help to eliminate or reduce the size of intermediate storage tanks and associated cleaning of tanks when used for in-process volume reduction before or after existing steps.


Continuous Ready

The robust SPTFF enables the continuous concentration of product to enhance subsequent process steps.


Quality Improvements

SPTFF minimizes product shear enhancing product quality.


  • Cassette

    Cadence Inline Concentrator modules are provided assembled, ready to use, Delta regenerated cellulose membrane, 10 kD or 30 kD with polypropylene screen, white polyurethane encapsulant with white pigment (TiO₂), and medical grade silicone for the permeate seals.

  • Gaskets

    Medical grade, platinum cured silicone

  • Manifold Plates

    UHMW polyethylene

  • Tubing and Connectors

    T01/T02 - female luer connection and cap: Polypropylene T12 - MPC quick disconnect connector and plug: Polysulfone T06 - MPX quick disconnect connector and plug: Polysulfone

  • Maximum Pressure

    4.1 barg (60 psig)

  • Maximum Transmembrane Pressure (TMP)

    4.1 barg (60 psig)

  • Processing Temperature Range

    4 – 40 °C (freezing will damage module)

  • pH Range

    2 – 13

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