Cadence BioSMB System technology enables significant reduction in the sorbent requirements from a smaller footprint.

Single-use technology is built into Cadence BioSMB Systems – including piping, pumps and a groundbreaking valve cassette – ensuring sanitary operation in harmony with strides forward in efficient set up and use. SMB technology provides much more effective use of sorbent and buffers.

Cadence BioSMB Systems support multiple chromatographic processes, including capture and polishing with up to 8 columns to support multiple chromatographic processes for maximum flexibility in capture and polishing of the most demanding proteins.

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Features and benefits


Significant reduction in Sorbent requirement

The Cadence BioSMB Process requires only a proportion of the sorbent used in a standard batch process, leading to much lower operating costs.


Reduction in Equipment footprint and cost

By using smaller columns more efficiently this reduces operational footprint and generates significant cost savings. Furthermore the operating efficiencies designed into the system enabled by the single-use flow path facilitate manufacturing flexibility.


Increased specific productivity and application flexibility

The ability to use up to 8 columns with the Cadence BioSMB Process system enables a comprehensive range of capture and polishing steps such as affinity, ion-exchange, mixed mode, hydrophobic interaction and size exclusion chromatography to be scaled up.


  • Width / Depth / Height

    2.7 / 1.3 / 2.1 m (1.9 m cabinet without light)| (106 / 51 / 83 in. [75 in. cabinet without light])

  • Weight

    ~1000 kg (~2200 lbs)

  • Electrical Requirements

    400 V

  • Required Air Supply

    6 barg (87 psig)

  • Flow Rate Range

    30-350 L/h

  • Inlets

    8 (7 from pumps + a second pass)

  • Outlets

    6 (5 for collection + a second pass)

  • Columns

    Maximum 8

  • Maximum Operating Pressure

    3 barg (43 psig)

  • Pressure

    Linear up to 5 barg/72 psig

  • Ultraviolet-Visible (UV-VIS)

    Four UV-VIS sensors each with wavelengths in 200-850 nm range (0-2 AU)

  • pH

    Range of 2-10, accuracy of 0.15 pH unit

  • Conductivity

    Range: 0 μS/cm – 150 mS/cm, accuracy of 2% measuring range

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